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Are Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies cruelty free?

We love our furry friends and would never want to harm them! Yes, all Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

What do the natural lip care ingredients in The Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies do?

All Purple Flower Collection lip care products and lip color beauty supplies contain one or more natural ingredients to help soothe, heal and protect chapped lips. Natural lip care is important to us because our bodies are natural, and we should all feel good about the beauty supplies we’re using to care for them. Read more about each of the natural ingredients we use and what they do here. You’ll also find what natural lip care ingredients are used in each product on their

respective product pages.

Are Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies vegan?

All of our products are vegan, including our hydrating vegan Lip Gloss (all colors) and our vegan Lip Scrub and Lip Mask (all colors) COMING SOON! All of our products are certified cruelty free. Check back with us regularly for other product updates, and you can always contact us at with additional questions you have about our products.

What Purple Flower Collection beauty products go best together?

Great question! All Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies are formulated with natural lip care ingredients that work well together, whether you’re trying to heal chapped lips, prevent them in the first place or give your lips that high-shine glam! We believe a daily lip care routine is the key to healthy lips, and recommend pairing our Hydrating Lip Gloss, Lip Scrub or Lip Mask (COMING SOON)! Read more about how you can create the perfect daily lip care routine on product pages.

How long does it take for my items to be shipped?

Please allow 1-3 business days for all items to be shipped after purchase. Once shipped to Post Office it is out of our hands. Please call USPS customer service for any questions or concerns about 

your package.



(NO DMS) Please state your FULL name and order number when emailing. 

What's the difference between coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil in Purple Flower Collection beauty products?

Fractionated coconut oil is more liquid than solid when compared to normal coconut oil.

Regular coconut oil only becomes liquid under high temperatures (78 degrees F) and has a greasy feel. Because of this unique difference, fractionated coconut oil is best used for therapeutic purposes. Here we use fractionated coconut oil.

Do The Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies contain fragrance?

Yes, most Purple Flower Collection beauty supplies contain light fragrances for added enjoyment while wearing. All of the fragrances we use are natural based to complement the natural ingredients in our products. Also, The Purple Flower Collection is a (No Scent-Zone)! So, if you would love to purchase one of our Hydrating Lip Glosses with No favoring oil added, due to allergies OR asthma. No problem! A special unscented batch will be made just for you! Just add a note BEFORE checking out with your order. You can always contact us at with additional questions you have about our products.

How long does it take for The Purple Flower Collection to ship my items?

Friday Processing if your order is processed AFTER 3pm EST on a Friday, it will be dropped off

at the post office that following Monday.

Can I track my package (Domestic) for The Purple Flower Collection?

Yes, you should be able to track your order. Sign-up and become a Purple Flower Member. Or you can also track your order through USPS or PayPal. We will gladly send your tracking number.

Can I return my items if I am not satisfied with The Purple Flower Collection?

We DO NOT accept ANY returns for the following reasons:

COVID-19 Pandemic

To ensure cosmetic products are not returned used.

All sales are final after purchase.


Store Credit with The Purple Flower Collection 

You may only receive store credit to repurchase products if they arrive DAMAGED. You must provide clear images of proof that your items are damaged. Once we receive your evidence your photos will be reviewed, and you will be sent a response in 1-3 business days. You can contact us at with your questions or concerns.

I received a tracking number, but my package has not been delivered yet from The Purple Flower Collection.

Missing/Undelivered Packages

As many know USPS has been experiencing delays in shipping, misplacing packages, not scanning in packages & more. In the case you do not receive your package AFTER receiving a tracking number, please contact USPS for an update on your package first. We do not have control over your package, once it is dropped off at the post office. There is not much we can do AFTER your items have shipped.

We cannot replace them.

We cannot issue a refund.

Can I request a refund or cancel my order with The Purple Flower Collection?

1/26/2024 ALL sales are final. Once you place your order you may not cancel or request a refund.

HIGH RISK ORDERS: If your order comes back as HIGH RISK you will be contacted ONLY TWICE for evidence of identification. If you fail to respond your order will be CANCEALED & REFUNED.

Usage of The PF Collection/The PF Collection Photo's, Video's & Other Original Content

You may NOT under any circumstance use The PF Collection/The PF Collection website or social media content without given permission or giving credit to rightful owner, which is 

The Purple Flower Collection LLC

Giving credit includes but is not limited to tagging us in your post without removing the tag & never

altering the content as well.

If you are caught attempting the above, we will reach out to you as a WARNING first then take any legal

action needed if you do not comply.

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