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The Purple Flower Collection
"We Delight Beauty Of The Butterfly"

Meet The CEO

Hope Jones is the CEO & Founder of The Purple Flower Collection, LLC. established in 2020 Richmond, Virginia. A luxury beauty brand that offers affordable high-quality, vegan cruelty-free and essential products for everyone!

Hope has a passion for DIY (Do It Yourself Projects) and creating a platform in advertisement for women, and girls of all ages.

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Hope goal is to allow her creativity, and artistic flair to bring out the beauty in your vision. Allow her creative mindset to turn your vision from a "Caterpillar to a Butterfly". Leave the cocoon, spread your wings, and Fly. Embrace the beauty within you Gorgeous, you're Royalty. 




Hope "Butterfly Queen" Jones


Vitamin E


Reduce Hyperpigmentation 

Promotes Confidence


Soothes Lips

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